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What is the difference between four-color printing and six-color printing

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What is the difference between four-color printing and six-color printing

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I have learned a lot about printing knowledge in the previous articles. I have knowledge about UV printing and 3D printing. I will come to science next time. This time, I will talk about four-color printing and six-color printing in plastic printing plants. The difference between color printing.

Generally true color printing is four color printing.

All pictures are understood as the four colors of CMYK superimposed together. The printing machine prints the four colors of yellow, blue, red, and black on the paper separately, and the pictures are restored. We call it color registration. Such printing is called four-color printing. If you still can't understand it, go to photoshop and choose a CMYK format image to open it. Then open a separate channel in the channel to see it. It's easier to understand. I'm not in the industry. If I have a question, please correct me.

Theory and explanation of six-color printing process

In the past 10 years, four-color overprint reproduction has had a great impact on screen printing. Some complex design software and new UV screen printing methods in Suzhou have appeared. Digital prepress technology and printing equipment have also been greatly improved. With the improvement, the quality of the product can be accurately predicted, and the repeatable printing of the product is also guaranteed. However, due to the limitations of the four-color printing mode and the screen printing method itself, it is not possible to obtain a color that is completely consistent with the original.

In the past, color screen four-color overprinting was done by a monochrome printer. Only one color can be printed at a time, and the second color is printed after drying, until all four colors are printed. This makes it very difficult to master color control. In recent years, due to the application of multi-color printing machines, the consistency and accuracy of colors have been greatly improved. Originally two- and four-color presses appeared, and five- and six-color printing systems are now available.

Many people know that printing can make the color of materials very diversified, so that the whole pattern looks more exciting, but the more colors, the more difficult it is, you must choose a trusted manufacturer.

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