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British supermarket "plastic limit order" effect is obvious

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British supermarket "plastic limit order" effect is obvious

Release date:2018-07-31 Author:新华社 Click:

According to data released by the British government on the 27th, plastic bag consumption has fallen by 86% since 2015, when the major British supermarkets introduced a compulsory charging policy for plastic bags.

Statistics from the British Ministry of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs show that compared with 2016, the number of plastic bags sold by the seven UK supermarkets in 2017 decreased by nearly 300 million, a quarter of the decrease. This is equivalent to only 19 plastic bags per capita consumed by UK supermarket customers, which is a significant decrease from the 140 per capita when the “plastic limit order” was implemented in 2015.

"These figures show that we can improve the environment by simply changing our daily habits ... Only by working together can we prevent more plastic waste from entering rivers and oceans, thereby causing disasters to the marine environment. Sexual impact. "

In October 2015, the British government began to implement a "plastic limit order" in most retail stores, charging 5 pence (about 0.5 yuan) for each plastic bag, hoping to reduce plastic bag consumption and reduce environmental pollution.

The British government also announced earlier this year that it plans to promote a new "plastic limit order" in England to ban the sale of disposable plastic products such as plastic straws, plastic beverage stir sticks and cotton swabs with plastic sticks. In addition, Britain also wants to emulate the introduction of a deposit system for beverage bottles in some other European countries, with a view to improving the recycling rate of garbage, including plastic bottles.


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