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Sun Papers 38th machine held a startup celebration

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Sun Papers 38th machine held a startup celebration

Release date:2018-08-20 Author:太阳纸业 Click:

On July 25, the opening ceremony of No. 38 machine of Sun Paper was held in the production workshop of No. 38 machine. Mr. Zhu Xiangdong, President of Valmet China, Yanchuan Zhang, Vice President of the Automation Business Line, Liu Jingwei, Vice President of Marketing and Communications, Li Hongxin, Chairman of Sun Paper, Liu Zehua, Deputy General Manager, Wu Wenchun, Project Director 38, and more than 100 project production staff Attended the ceremony.

Sun Paper No. 38 adheres to the principles of high starting point, high standards, and high quality, setting a world record for similar paper machine relocation projects. The total time from civil construction to project start-up is 12 months, one month earlier than originally planned. And after the startup, it quickly reached the production and standard. In the first month, it exceeded the profit target. The solid node pace was firmly and firmly engraved in the successful cooperation between the two parties. To this end, Valmet presented the "Best Relocation Project" medal for Sun Paper No. 38. Chairman Li Hongxin and Valmet China President Zhu Xiangdong jointly unveiled the medal.

"The 38th machine is a strategic choice for Sun Paper to improve its product structure and achieve product differentiation. The entire project has small investment and large output, and the production line can be flexibly converted according to market demand to maximize economic benefits. The 38th machine is Sun's Success is also Valmet's success, "said Deputy General Manager Liu Zehua in his speech.

"More than 600 cars 'broken copper and iron', hundreds of rectification matters, without a scientific and orderly management model, without the professional and efficient team support of both Sun Paper and Valmet, we cannot complete this project; without the entire project The team's dedication and dedication, without the concerted effort, we would not be able to complete this project in advance. "Wu Wenchun, director of the 38 project, concluded.

"Valmet attaches great importance to this project. The comprehensive coverage of process technology, automation and service is our significant advantage, and the continuous innovation spirit is also an important factor for us to win the trust of the sun. A lot of Valmet was added during the construction of No. 38 machine New technology and new equipment, this should also be another key factor for the revival of the paper machine. "Valmet China President Zhu Xiangdong came to congratulate.

After the start-up ceremony, Wu Wenchun, the project director of Unit 38, led everyone to visit the production workshop.

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