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4 key points of cost control in the paste box process

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4 key points of cost control in the paste box process

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The common problems in the cartoning process of carton enterprises are as follows:

Human resources issues

Of course, this is not just a problem of a carton factory. Basically, this problem exists in the entire industry. As far as general workers are concerned, manpower will never be enough during the peak production season, and they will not be able to take their leave during the off-season. Because there are not many returning after the holiday, it is more difficult to recruit workers. This is a headache for most factories. Enterprises with too high wages cannot bear it. Workers with slightly lower wages will be emotional. Even if there are fewer orders, they will be issued basic. They are supported by wages, so no factory is willing to use too many low-capacity labor.

2. Production cost problem

The price of raw materials has risen, and the market has continued to lower the sales price, and profits have been less impressive. In order to ensure sufficient profit margins, enterprises control from all links of their own production, improve production efficiency, reduce production costs and other links to increase profitability. For example, if sticky box employees use less 10 people, the annual cost savings are nearly 150,000 yuan; saving 50% of the amount of sticky glue is also a considerable cost; if the scrap rate is reduced by 80%, all production links have reduced a lot of costs.

3. Production efficiency issues

This problem appears to be very serious in purely manual production enterprises. Emotions such as worker productivity are affected by subjective factors and cannot effectively control quality and efficiency.

4. Poor ability to handle emergencies

If the customer requires 100,000 cartons to be completed within 3 days, can the carton company guarantee the quality and timely delivery. If there is no machine to complete it, it is the most painful thing for carton companies to temporarily recruit labor: first, whether new workers can guarantee the quality of the product; second, whether the number of labor sufficient to solve the problem is recruited in a short period of time, so there is Many factors of instability.

In summary, although the improvement of the post-press paste box technology can not double the profits of carton box manufacturers, this process improvement is the easiest to achieve and control, which not only reduces production costs and ensures product quality , While also improving the competitiveness of enterprises.

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