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What is the difference between Kunshan UV printing and Suzhou UV printing?

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What is the difference between Kunshan UV printing and Suzhou UV printing?

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Compared with traditional ink printing, the differences between UV printing are as follows:

1. Price:

Although UV inks have the advantages of instant curing and good conjunctival performance, they are relatively expensive. At the same time, special UV blankets and UV ink rollers must be used, which greatly increases product costs.

2. Adhesion:

During curing of UV ink, the internal components are cross-linked and polymerized, and the instantaneous change in volume generates a large internal stress, which affects the adhesion of the ink to the printing material. Although the problem can be improved by surface treatment or modification of the substrate, the fundamental solution is to seek and develop UV inks with good adsorption, low shrinkage stress and low price.

3. UV printing ink suitable fountain solution

UV inks are mainly used for non-absorptive printing materials, and the preparation of inks is different for different printing materials. Therefore, fountain solution is required to have a wide adaptability to ensure the required printing quality.

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